Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to Increase Your Blog’s Page Rank

How to Increase Your SEO Blog’s Page Rank :

 About fell over when I checked this blog’s Page Rank some days ago. Goodness! It had moved from 0 to 1. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In fact, I had to confirm by checking at two other sites. It was the same story. But I still found it hard to believe, and I’ll explain why.

 1. Writing for readers rather than search engines:

Over time, I’ve realized that most posts that dominate search engine rankings and attract hundreds of backlinks are fact-filled, problem solving, and…long. So, I ensured that my posts were also long enough to give every detail the reader needs.

2. Deep linking:

 When writing my posts, I always linked relevant parts of it to previously published  posts. Most bloggers apply this tactic. And you should have noticed it on most  blogs.

3. Outlinking:

Though this may sound counterintuitive, I started applying it since the time I learned, in this post by Neil Patel, that it works for SEO. What you knew is that you’ll boost your blog’s rankings by getting backlinks from other sites, right?

4. Adding images within posts:

So as not to make my posts appear as “dry blocks of text”, I try to add relevant images between them (though not all my posts have images).

5. Getting backlinks from other sites:

Personally, I think this is what played a giant role in the PR upgrade. As I publish posts on my blog, I tried getting backlinks to it from other blogs. I did this via two main techniques – guest posting and blog commenting.

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