Tuesday, 11 December 2012

SEO Task List

 SEO Task List
  1. Setup Google Analytics
  2. Setup Google Webmaster Central
  3. Record BackLinks as per SEO_Report.xls (details of this report format available on request)
  4. Setup Word Press Blog in the website
  5. Optimize the title, header tags & put about 2.5K articles of content, 500- 1K to begin with, each comprising of 500 – 1k words at least. The article should be written as per the SEO norms specified here: 
  6. Collect keywords from Google
    (make them H1 – H4 tags & place on top area of the pages)
  7. Record & Monitor Search Engine Rankings (SERPs)
  8. Optimize Titles using keywords from Google
  9. Setup RSS Feeds (automatic in WordPress)
  10. Setup a Forum in the website using WP
  11. Setup Twitter a/c
  12. Setup Facebook a/c, App etc.
  13. Setup MySpace a/c, profile etc.
  14. Setup YouTube profile.
  15. Send a Press Release
  16. Test content in CopyScape
  17. Setup one Official Auxilliary Blog
  18. Setup Groups in Google
  19. Setup Groups in Yahoo
  20. Setup Groups in FaceBook
  21. Setup Groups wherever you can
  22. Setup Blog Farms
    1. (one new to be setup every week with new Gmail a/c, CLEAR COOKIES)
  23. Submit to top 100+ Social Sites manually.
  24. Submit your website to directories
  25. Pligg Real Hard
  26. Submit Articles
  27. Drop links in Forums
  28. Drop links in Blog Comments
  29. Post & Drop links in classifieds aggressively
  30. Facebook marketing Campaigns
  31. Craigslist
  32. Setup domain & sub-domain based slave websites.
  33. Optimize the Speed of website
  34. Create a SiteMap of the website in HTML
  35. Send me a Thank You EMail :-)

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